1. Does the shuttle fee include tasting fees?
Ans: The shuttle fee does not include tasting fees. Tasting fees average $15.00 at each location.

2. How long can you stay?
Ans: As long as you like. When you finish just hop on the next available shuttle.

3. Do the shuttles follow a specific route?
Ans: Yes, please refer to the route order shown on both the Home page and the Our Route page.

4. Are children allowed on the shuttle?
Ans: Children must be at least 10 years old. They will be required to pay for their seat on the shuttle at the same price.

5. Are dogs allowed on the shuttle?
Ans: Dogs under 25 lbs are allowed on the shuttle. We recommend contacting the venues you wish to visit as many do not allow pets on site.

6. Are there places to eat along the route?
Ans: Yes, some of the venues have restaurants or food trucks on site.

7. Do I have to carry my purchased items from winery to winery?
Ans: Yes, currently we do not have a storage solution for guests to hold their things on the buses.

8. What if we miss the last shuttle at 6:00 pm? Our Timeline for the last route is very strict please be on the lookout as the clock ticks near 5 pm to plan your return to your first hop on location…
Ans: Call Friends, Taxi’s, Walk, or try for an UBER! L